In Praise of Small Beer Part 2

I worked all last weekend on a freelance translation job that had me digging deep into Japanese feudal history for names, places, and obscure religious vocabulary. When I came to from the project on Sunday afternoon, the Saints had already lost to the Bengals, the Packers were about to dominate Mark Sanchez, and I was a bit of a zombie. I needed a beer. But I didn’t want some 9% whale that would set me on my ass. I needed a small beer, something that would let me unwind over the course of several bottles.

So I cracked open the Mild I’d just brewed. 1.039 OG, 1.011 FG, which works out to 3.68% ABV. I used an early recipe from Jamil Zainasheff that is a bit heavy with the caramel and dark grains compared with his example in Brewing Classic Styles. But it works.

And I even split a pair of games of Carcassonne:


I did miss the perfect opportunity to immediately score a monastery, but I probably would have missed more than that if I was drinking a big beer.

Small beers aren’t just cheap, they’re great for unwinding and for Eurogaming.

In Praise of Small Beer Part 1


$12.38 for four gallons of beer. That’s what it’s going to cost me to brew a Mild this weekend. Target OG of 1.038, but I’d be fine with 1.035. I’m going to try and pitch yeast from my last batch (Wyeast 1469 – West Yorkshire). I just rinsed it and put it into a 2qt batch of wort. We’ll see how it does.

It should produce 40 bottles or so, which works out to 30 cents a bottle. Not bad at all.